Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

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Problems with the garage door opener again? It's not accidental that the source of most garage door problems are openers. Anything can go wrong with the electric power or circuit of the house. Some problems are solved easily and some are not, but knowing what to expect and why your opener behaves in a certain way is also vital.Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Let's consider the most common problems with garage electric operators:

  • The overhead door won't open or close all the way
  • The door will close but immediately reverse
  • The door won't reach its full closing point, than reverses
  • The lights of the opener won't go off
  • The door doesn't open, but the opener hums
  • The door opens, but the garage door motor still makes noises
  • The remote and/or wall button won't activate the opener

Don't panic! problems are not always serious

The good thing with modern electric garage door openers is that many of their problems are solved by simple adjustments. In your opener unit, you will find buttons or switches that determine the point where the door will stop in its opening and closing position. So, if you see that the door doesn't close all the way, you will simply have to adjust the down force limit. The lights of the opener are also set by the control panel. If you think they remain on for long, you just have to reset them to turn off in fewer minutes.

When the door reverses, there might be a more difficult problem. Such issues are usually related to the sensors and the best way to see if they are easily solved is by checking if the sensors are aligned. Sometimes, worn wires might cause conflict. If you want to close the reversing door, all you have to do is keep pressing the wall button. The door will close because when you press the button continuously, the system overrides the reverse mechanism. With such small solutions, your life will be easier. Not all problems are threatening but it never hurts to check them out, too.

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