Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance should cover not only the major hardware parts like the springs, but also minor parts such as the rollers, seals, and more.

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It is true that garage door maintenance is neither very simple nor very quick. Still, without it, you could get in a lot of trouble. The important thing is to do every task correctly.Garage Door Maintenance

Torsion Spring Lubrication

This is necessary since there is great friction between the coils when the spring is working to lift the door. With lubricant, the friction is reduced so that the component will last longer. Usually, there is no need for preparing the spring to get lubricated. However, if there is hardened or sticky dirt, it should be removed with solvent which is safe for the job. It is best to use spray lubricant as it allows for perfectly even application. The lithium-based products do a great job because they are unaffected by changes in the weather. Each coil should be lubricated.

Safety Sensors Maintenance

First, check for any visible damages. It is important for the wiring to get as careful inspection as the photo eyes. If there is a problem, the affected part should be fixed or replaced. If the sensors and the cords are in good condition, they should be wiped clean with soft cloth. The photo eyes require proper alignment so that they face each other directly. These devices should be tested as well. The test involves placing an object which blocks them under the door while it is open. When it is closed with the clicker, the door must not go down.

Bottom Seal Check

This component doesn’t need special care, yet it is important to check if it is in good condition. If there is light coming under the door while it is closed, a new seal is needed. It is best if it is attached with the help of an aluminum retainer which is naturally resistant to rusting. The vinyl seals are reliable and very durable as well. The same simple check can be used for all other weather strips. If they are thin, they should be changed as quickly as possible.

Caring for your door and opener seems too hard and time-consuming? Leave the work to us. At Garage Door Repair in Palm City, we maintain all components in excellent condition with cleaning, lubrication and more. If there is a damaged or faulty part, we fix it or replace it with a new one of the highest quality. With us, your system will be safe and functional at all times.

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