Top Troubleshooting by Trained Garage Door Techs

Find out how to align sensors and prevent accidents with overhead garage doors in our list of tips.

Choosing keypads

In case you are choosing a keypad, there are ample choices in the market and all of them are made using the latest technology. Our professionals recommend buying one which has backlit buttons and are water-proof. You should also be able to program codes for regular visitors which are different from yours.

Check the safety sensors of a garage door which keeps reversing

When the door refuses to close and keeps going up, this is usually due to sensor issues. You should check the wiring, clean the photo eyes, and align the sensors properly. If the problem continues, have the sensors repaired or replaced without any kind of delay.

Installing weather seals

Weather seals, if fitted well, can help in conserving energy which will reflect in your utility bills. They must be applied between the door panels, on the frame and the bottom of the door. This will prevent moisture from entering the garage and keep it secure from harsh temperatures.

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