Same Day Garage Door Repair Services

Get great ideas about new garage doors and openers, remote and keypad systems in the answers below.

If your garage door has started to make strange unusual noises, a small minor fix may make it like new again. For answers to many of today’s most common questions, scroll down below for our informative FAQ page.

If the garage door make a loud noise what should be done?

Usually garage doors make some noises when they open or close but if you feel the noise is particularly loud then it's time to call our technicians to check the system. In most cases some bolts need to be tightened and parts need to be lubricated.

Should I replace both springs although one is broken?

Yes, both springs need to be replaced even if one is broken. Torsion springs are under extreme pressure and they balance the weight of the door. If you replace just one spring, then it causes imbalance in the torque and affects the functioning of the garage.

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